Netanyahu Wins in Israel; Sorry Obama

Obama sent his crack political team to Israel to defeat Bibi Netanyahu in yesterday’s election. Polling data leading up to the election didn’t look good for Netanyahu. Obama’s team was busing Arabs to the polls to vote against Netanyahu’s Likud party. [You see, in Israel, unlike other countries in the Middle East, Arabs are not mere subjects but are full fledged citizens who can vote and have their vote count for something. They can even run for political office, including the Knesset.] Then the exit polls, we were told, showed Netanyahu losing. Obama was no doubt jumping for joy. But alas, none of that was true. When the actual votes were counted and with 99% of the talley now in, Netanyahu will easily be able to form a government in which he will continue as Israel’s Prime Minister. This will make him Israel’s longest running Prime Minister, after David Ben-Gurion.

The losers besides Barack Obama, Britain’s David Cameron, Israel’s Zionist Union Party, and anti-semites everywhere, are the Iranians. Israel will continued to be led by Jews who are not willing to commit suicide.

Netanyahu tweeted: כנגד כל הסיכויים, ניצחון גדול לליכוד, ניצחון גדול למחנה הלאומי בראשות הליכוד, ניצחון גדול לעם ישראל. [translation: Against all odds:a great victory for the Likud. A major victory for the people of Israel.]

From today’s Jerusalem Post: Israeli elections take dramatic turn as official tally gives Likud sweeping victory.

Referring to the Obama Justice Department’s intended prosecution of New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez on corruption charges [the Senator’s real crime is his break from Obama in his support for Israel and against the Obama sweetheart deal with Iran] and the appointment of serial Israel-basher Robert Malley to be the NSC’s Middle East Coordinator, Caroline Glick wrote two days ago:

“The Menendez prosecution tells us that Obama wishes to leave office after having vastly diminished support for Israel among Democrats. The next 22 months until President Barack Obama leaves office promise to be the most challenging period in the history of US-Israel relations. And he will not hesitate to use strong-arm tactics against his fellow Democrats to achieve his goal.”

Obama’s efforts to drain support of Israel from the Democrat party will not be a difficult task, there’s hardly any support for Israel from the Democrat party, once Israel’s main defenders in the U.S. That slot now belongs to Republicans. But his other effort will be made harder by yesterday’s defeat of Obama in the Israeli election. Obama was always Netanyahu’s real opponent.

I love this comment from Scott Johnson at Powerline:

Like the Iranians, Israelis have President Obama’s number. The Iranians know him for a chump who can be taken to the cleaners. The Israelis know Obama “has their back,” as Obama puts it — so he can place his knife neatly in it. We can be certain that Obama is not amused by the outcome last night. He did his best to avert it. Obama means to have the last laugh and will do damage to Israel while he still can.

Obama’s efforts to undermine Israel and strengthen Israel’s enemies won’t be as easy now. At least he won’t be able to do it from inside Israel. If we’re lucky this saga will be woven into the plot of a future Daniel Silva novel.

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