Netanyahu Should Tell Obama to Go Pound Sand

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Our man-child president takes great pleasure in dissing our allies such as Great Britain and Israel. Most have probably heard or read about him having Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to the White House and giving him an ultimatum on building houses is East Jerusalem, along with a list of other outrageous demands, and then leaving to go have dinner, saying “if anything happens I’ll be around.”

The problem is, Israel has as much right to build houses in East Jerusalem as America has to build houses in Washington D.C. Jerusalem is the four thousand year-old Jewish home, it is not occupied territory. Does anyone today remember that throughout the 19th Century Jews were the majority in Jerusalem, long before Theodor Herzl founded the Zionist movement? Not Obama, and not that he would care.

I don’t think Obama can possibly claim not to be anti-semitic given the manner in which he has treated Israel and its Prime Minister. You can’t hate Israel as much as Obama does and claim you do not hate Jews. Maybe he’s mad because only 78% of American Jews voted for him in 2008.

This is distressing for all who care about Israel and are passionate for its survival as a Jewish state. Israel has faced and triumphed over untold problems and threats in its brief existence as a modern state, and not every American president has been a good friend. But none before has been such an enemy.

Some of the problems this creates are recounted by Noah Pollak at Contentions:

    It should be clear by now that President Obama intends to pursue the “peace process” in the same way that he pursued health care — by ramming it down his opponent’s throat, in this case, Israel’s.

    According to news reports, Obama has presented Bibi with a long list of demands, acquiescence to which would “resolve” the immediate Obama-created crisis and “allow” a move toward proximity talks (never mind that Israel has always been willing to hold direct talks). Obama thus places Bibi on the horns of an impossible dilemma: Both accepting and rejecting the demands carries immense costs.

    Accepting the demands would be humiliating to Bibi. He would have to roll over and — in front of a global audience – expose his stomach to Obama like a defeated dog. This would surely please our thuggish president, but it would carry severe costs for Netanyahu: 1) He would be vilified in Israel and his domestic position imperiled. 2) Even if he wanted to roll, his government may not allow it; one or several of his coalition partners may abandon him. At a moment of critical national-security threats, the government might descend into crisis. Bibi knows that to allow this to happen in the decisive phase of the Iranian nuclear standoff would be supremely dangerous. And 3) Obama’s vindictive and outlandish behavior raises legitimate Israeli suspicions that the “proximity talks” would actually be a trap — and therefore Israel should reject the immediate demands as a way of forestalling the next round of bullying. Let us recall that just four months ago, the administration hailed the settlement freeze as an unprecedented concession; today Obama pretends that he never made the agreement.

    So it appears as though Bibi cannot accept Obama’s demands. He will likely counter-offer by accepting some and offering compromise on others. But Obama, at least when it comes to the Jewish state, is in no mood to be trifled with and may insist on full compliance. And if Israel cannot or will not meet his demands, Obama has important cards to play. The four biggest ones are 1) U.S. support for a unilateral Palestinian declaration of statehood, 2) active U.S. opposition to a strike on Iran, up to and including the Brzezinski threat of shooting down Israeli aircraft, 3) Israel’s diplomatic isolation in the UN and Europe, and 4) an escalating administration campaign to portray Israeli “intransigence” as a threat to the United States’ regional and international security.

    By my reading, Bibi is in a very bad place right now. His options are either 1) total public humiliation and agreement to demands that could topple his government, followed by a diplomatic process that would force potentially lethal concessions on Israel, or 2) the U.S. preventing him from attacking Iran and removing the diplomatic shield that protects Israel from the deranged anti-Semitism of Europe and the Middle East (two increasingly indistinguishable regions).

    There is a third scenario: Israel completely reshuffles the deck by attacking Iran.

It is clear that the United States is now under the control of a bunch of kids who either do not understand the threat that a nuclear Iran poses, or just don’t care. If Iran gets the bomb it will do whatever it can to destroy Israel. And then it will look for other targets. Throughout history non-Jews have failed to appreciate one simple fact. Whoever goes for the Jews does not stop with the Jews.

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