Net Neutrality is a Fraud

The words “Net Neutrality” don’t mean anything. Net Neutrality is a fraud. The scheme to allow the government to regulate the internet was given that name so you’d fall for the fraud. It’s meant to confuse and disarm the critics that would be sure to arise like a tornado if people understood that it was little more than a money and power grab by government. And oh’ boy, you have to hand it to whoever came up with that name. It has surely worked better than they could have ever been imagined. Just about everyone is confused and at least that many are wrong in what they think it is.

It’s an attempt to put the federal government in charge of regulating the internet, pure and simple. Maybe you think that’s a good thing.  If so, you really need to look into this. You need to do that before your monthly internet bill tops your cable television bill, while giving you less and less access to all the things you use the internet for now.

Did you know that FM radio technology was discovered in the 1930s and became feasible commercially by 1940? The first FM radio station for consumers didn’t exist before the late 1960s, and FM tuners became available after that. If the technology was around since the 1930s why did it take so long before it was available to everyone? Simple, you needed a license from the FCC before an FM station can begin to broadcast. The licensing process was a nightmare. Why, you ask.

Because AM Radio was well established and the AM Radio industry vehemently opposed FM. They didn’t want to have to compete with FM which could send signal across all sorts of terrain that would stop AM.

Cell phone technology similarly was known and could have been made available to the public much sooner than it was. Why wasn’t it? The same story, the phone giants did their best to lobby the FCC not to license it. Many reasons were given, but the real reason is always the same. Avoidance of competition.

That’s what net neutrality is about. Those soothing words, “net neutrality” are to make you feel warm and fuzzy, but it won’t once you understand what is really going on.

What’s really going on is a sneaky effort to put the FCC in charge of the internet so it can be regulated in favor of big companies that want to throttle competition. But there’s a problem. The FCC only has authority to regulation “telecommunications services.” Internet service providers are  “information services” that the FCC has no power to regulate. The Supreme Court has already ruled unanimously that internet access “is an information service… because it provides consumers with a comprehensive capability for manipulating information using the Internet.” it was dial-up services that were involved in that case.

The Obama administration tried to short circuit that by claiming the internet has now become so diverse and useful for some many things it is actually a telecommunication service that the FCC can regulate.

The internet became what it is today precisely because the federal government was not regulating it. Let’s not let them get their dirty hands on and ruin it. That’s surely what will happen if we let those words “net neutrality” beguile us into making a huge mistake.

We should remember what Milton Friedman said, “If the federal government were put in charge of the Sahara Desert, within five years there would be a shortage of sand.”

One last thought for millennials: You all hate Comcast, right? Yes, I know you do. Time Warner too, probably. Well, guess what? Comcast and Time Warner happen to be in favor of net neutrality.

Need you know more?

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