Neil Gorsuch will be confirmed this week

Don’t let the left-wing nutcakes in the media mislead you. They like the term “nuclear option” because they think that will cause you to view the process pejoratively. It is accurately called the “Reid Option” that Harry Reid instituted in 2013 for lower court judges for the exact same reason the Repubicans will now extend that rule to the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch.

The media won’t tell you this, but the Democrats can easily prevent the GOP from applying the Reid rule to the Neil Gorsuch confirmation. All they need do is vote to confirm Gorsuch. In spite of what they are saying today thay might do exactly that. The reason is…by accepting Gosuch now they can preserve the filibuster for future Supreme Court nominations that President Trump may make. That would be in their interest but I believe (and fervently hope) they are too dumb and too frothing-at-the-mouth rabid mad to do it.

Another thing the media won’t tell you is that filibustering judicial nominations is a recent thing, not a traditional one. Clarence Thomas was confirmed 52-48. Not a single senator said he needed 60 votes.

Democrat cry babies (which includes media twerps) are bemoaning something they created. Mitch McConnell will be right to impose the Reid rule because politics today is based on the prisoner’s dilemma game. The only way to win (defined as not losing) is to play tit for tat. Cooperating does not work for the GOP, it only makes them lose because the Democrats never cooperate.

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