Nearly twice as many whites than blacks shot and killed by police in 2018

According to a report by the Washington Post that is said to be extremely accurate by Bernard Kerik, former New YorkCity Police Commissioner, 998 people were shot and killed by police in the U.S. in 2018. The racial breakdown is 405 whites, 210 black, 148 hispanic, 35 some other race, and 200 of unknown race. 47 were unarmed, 23 white, 17 black, 5 hispanic, 2 race unknown.

These numbers do not support to common claim that blacks are disproportionately shot and killed to being killed by the police.

In 2016, latest numbers I found, 2,870 blacks were shot and killed by criminals of any race ; 2,570 were   killed by other blacks; 243 by whites; and 57 by criminals of other races.

More that 12 times as many blacks were shot and killed in 2016 by other blacks as by the police in 2018. Almost twice the number of whites were shot and killed by police in 2018 as the number of blacks shot and killed by police in 2018. As noted above, 23 whites were unarmed and 17 blacks were unarmed.

“”Unarmed” does mean the shooting was not justified. Police, as well as citizens acting in self defensive, are permitted to act upon appearances so long as it was reasonable. A toy gun that looks real pointed a police officer or a private citizen can created a reasonable  belief that one is facing imminent death or serious bodily injury. Shooting the one holding the toy gun will be justified in that instance.

It’s also fair to assume that some or even most the unarmed ones who were shot were attempting get the officer’s gun. That’s what got Michael Brown shot dead in Ferguson, MO on August 9, 2014.

Anything else a person does that causes someone to reasonably believe they are facing an imminent threat will justify the person’s reaction with deadly force.

I don’t know whether all of the 998 police killings in 2018 have been ruled as justified. Most of them are likely to have been or will be cleared as justified. Those that were justifiably shot would not have been if they had simply complied with the commands they were given by the police officer who shot them.

If one has an argument to make or a story to tell it has made or told later, not in the middle of the imminent danger of being shot.

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