National security compromised by unnecessary Miranda warning

I discovered this video with Megyn Kelly of Fox News after writing the post below titled “Confusion over Miranda rights.”

As I said in the earlier post below, even after expiration of the 48 or so hours after the public safety emergency Tsarnaev could still be interrogated, it’s just that his statements would not be admissible in his trial. That would hardly matter when they have enough other evidence and when the interrogation might yield valuable information that could stop other terrorist attacks.

One wonders what the agenda of the Holder Justice Department might be. Whose side are they on? Why is Dzhokhar Tsarnaev not being handled as an enemy combatant? That is exactly what he is. They’re treating him as if he were some guy who robbed a convenience store.

Why does the media print only photos of Dzhokhar taken when he was about 14? He’s 19 and he doesn’t look that innocent anymore.

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