National Review Blindly Jumped on Board the Liberal Media Fake News Train

I was once a devoted reader of National Review, the great conservative monthly founded by William F. Buckley (1925-2008). Last week National Review blindly jumped on board the liberal media fake news train by parroting the liberal fake news story of a group of teenage boys harassing an old Indian.

National Review Online is the current version of the magazine.

I gave up reading it when Rich Lowry took over as editor after John O’Sullivan in 1997. O’Sullivan was a good steward of the William F. Buckley legacy. Lowry is anything but.

Lowry just never seemed to be a true conservative in William F. Buckley fashion, and I found his commentary shallow and maddening. Recently Jonah Goldberg has been a contributor. I once was a devoted follower of his writing but he has now become a noxious Never/Trumper and is no longer worth reading, in my view.

I became a fan of his work after reading his book Liberal Fascism.  In that book he makes a strong case that liberals really are fascists and Stalinists. He gave the best definition of Fascism I’ve ever found:

Totalitarian in that it views everything as political, Fascism holds that any action by the state is justified to achieve the common good. It takes responsibility for all aspects of life, including our health and well-being, and seeks to impose uniformity of thought and action [Gleichschaltung], whether by force or through regulation and social pressure.

Goldberg has since ceased to make sense. He calls to mind a star quarterback who suddenly can’t complete a pass.

This past week National Review has shown its shallow stupidity and hostility to the William F. Buckley legacy. It did so by falling for the mainstream media hoax regarding the so-called attack on an old Indian by a group of teenagers from Covington High School in Kentucky. The whole thing is a big lie and the media has egg on its face. National Review dived in with the liberal fascists and wrote a hit piece aimed at the so-called Covington Boys.

When it became apparent that the Covington Boys attacked no one, that they were waiting at a bus stop when they were assailed by a group of weirdos called the “Black Hebrew Israelites” tormenting the boys with all sorts of scurrilous name-calling simply because they were wearing MAGA hats. The old Indian suddenly appeared from somewhere beating a drum and chanting at the boys.

National Review has since deleted the foolish article they wrote attacking the Covington Boys. But I do not forgive them. They gave no apology for their loathsome attempt at virtue signaling.They did not make a simple mistake. They engaged in confirmation bias when they jumped on the liberal media bandwagon. They did so simply on the basis of their hatred of Donald Trump.

I highly recommend a great piece, Call-Out Conservatives Join The Left’s Lynch Mob , that appeared today at American Greatness written by Julie Kelly. It will give you a clear picture of what really happened to the Covington Boys and how shameful it was that National Review blindly jumped on board the liberal media fake news train.

American Greatness is my replacement for National Review. I’m confident Mr. Buckley would approve. He’s turning over in his grave right now.

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