National Popular Vote Has Terrible Consequences

Think national popular vote (NPV) is a good thing? Well, it isn’t. In fact, it’s a catastrophe wherever it’s implemented. It destroys something the Left claims to care about — diversity. At least if one believes that diversity of opinion and and viewpoints is necessary to the security and well being of a great nation.

Of course, the Left believes diversity refers only to the level of melanin in our bodies. Actual diversity means there will be competition among political factions. Factions were abhorred by our founding fathers who tried to draft a constitution that would make factions either non-existent or irrelevant. The one thing that most worried them was the propensity of one or more factions to become dominant over all the rest. To the founders, such a thing would be little different that an absolute monarchy.

The founders were not successful in deterring factions. We have them in numbers. The Deep State is an example of a powerful faction that includes both Democrats and Republicans. The Jim Crow South was another before it was eliminated by the Civil Rights Movement. Today we have the Hollywood left, the Washington media, the Chamber of Commerce, Planned Parenthood, and many others. They all are factions James Madison hoped would never exist. Madison had a keen understanding of human nature. He probably understood that political factions would come to be no matter his best efforts at Philadelphia in 1787.

The electoral college was written into the Constitution to prevent the political dominance of one or a few states from dominating the political decisions of all the others. It’s meant to give all citizens a voice in presidential politics, no matter what state they live in.

In 1787 five of the 13 colonies contained the majority of the population. Without the electoral college the other 8 colonies would have been disenfranchised in presidential elections. In other words, the Constitution would not have been adopted because those 8 low-population colonies would never have ratified it.

Today the situation is similar. NPV will cast less populous states to the wind. The NVP states don’t need the votes of the less-populous states to enact NVP. They only need to get NVP established in a few populous states that aren’t already dominated by just a few populous regions. The only hope for the rest of us is that NPV will be declared unconstitutional. Think we can depend on John Roberts for that?

We’ve recently been flooded by rhetoric from Elizabeth Warren and many others that abolishing the electoral college will insure that every citizen’s vote will count. It’s just the opposite. All of the citizens of entire states will be wholly irrelevant if the Left gets it way by getting rid of the electoral college. A few of the most populist states will determine the outcome of every presidential election then.


NPV is a step in that direction.  It will further the already existing dominance in several states that allows just a few counties to determine every gubernatorial election.

For example, the Left has a lock on Illinois even though most of the state votes Republican. The Democrat portions consist mostly of Chicago, university towns, and the state capital.

The exact same situation exists in California, New York, Oregon, and Washington. Nevada and Colorado are dangerously close to being added to the list. If NPV had been in place in Texas and Florida in 2016 Hillary Clinton would be president today. The danger to America becoming dominated by Left-wing factions should NPV ever be implemented in just a few states is made clear by this example.

Highly recommended reading: How The Left Dominates The States With NPV by Rob Natelson



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