Nancy Pelosi Caves — will work to pass the Senate Bill

UPDATE: The emergency relief fiasco was passed by the Senate late last night. I’m calling it a fiasco because it still contains a few Billion Dollars of Pelosi Pork having nothing to do with Covid-19 or relief for displaced workers. All of the Pork is for Malig-Nancy Pelosi’s favorite things such as the Kennedy Center, NPR and other pet projects of Democrats. These institutions and their fellow travelers are in no need of further government Pork and including them in an emergency bill to help those who actually need it is stupid. Of the Democrats’ efforts to add non-coronavirus items to the bills, Sen. Mitch McConnell said, “They ought to be embarrassed. This is no time for this nonsense.” Yes, they ought to be embarrassed but they won’t be. They never are. The bill now goes to the House for the next travesty Democrats will attempt to impose on America.

Whew, I was afraid the GOP would cave. That would have been more than terrible. But, alas, my prayer was answered, the GOP and McConnell held on and Pelosi came to her senses saw the light and realized her shenanigans were putting her party in extreme jeopardy for November. I think they’ll be in extreme jeopardy anyway.

This 10-minute speech by Senator Tom Cotton may have got to her, it’s that good:

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