Muslim Brother Hood Ascendant in Egypt and Tunisia — What Will Obama Do? Answer: Nothing

Mohamed ElBaradei is in Tahrir Square in central Cairo making a speech to protesters. This essentially constitutes an alliance between the Muslim Brotherhood and ElBaradei. Brotherhood members are moving through the crowd while ElBaradei speaks. There are now two clear sides, the Muslim Brotherhood and Egypt’s new vice president Omar Suleiman, Mubarak’s choice to try to save his hide. Don’t expect a unity government no matter what anyone says.

Meanwhile, Rachid Ghannouchi is back in Tunisia from exile by the former regime several years ago. He is no moderate. Rashid Ghannouchi was born in 1941 in the south of Tunisia. As a student in Damascus and Paris, he embraced the doctrines of the Muslim Brotherhood. Ghannouchi has urged violence against U.S. interests, and demanded Israel’s destruction.

The King’s Speech by Richard Fernandez at Belmont Club:

“Events are unfolding, but they have not yet run their course; things are still continuing to cascade. If the unrest spreads to the point where the Suez and regional oil fall into anti-Western hands, the consequences would be incalculable. The scale of the left’s folly: their insistence on drilling moratoriums, opposition to nuclear power, support of negotiations with dictators at all costs, calls for unilateral disarmament, addiction to debt and their barely disguised virulent anti-Semitism should be too manifest to deny.

“It will be interesting to see if anyone can fill up their cars with carbon credits when oil tankers stop coming or when black gold is marked at $500 a barrel. It is even possible that within a relatively short time the only government left friendly to Washington in the Middle East may be Iraq. There is some irony in that, but it is unlikely to be appreciated.

“The Left is always correct and when it is not, they will simply rewrite history.”

A diplomatic failure is unfolding before our eyes, and a takeover of Egypt by the Muslim Brotherhood appears likely. Read the whole thing: The King’s Speech

This post [Nassar’s Biggest Crime] of a conversation between Michael Totten and Egyptian blogger Big Pharaoh in 2005 is looking prophetic:

I wanted to know what he thought of the Muslim Brotherhood. Was it even possible that they are as moderate as they want everyone to believe?

“They are moderate because they don’t have guns,” he said. “They don’t kill people. It’s true. But most of the armed terrorist groups we see now were born out of the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

You must read the whole thing. The quote above is only a teaser.

Big Pharaoh’s latest post on his blog was in January, 2008. It is rumored that he has been imprisoned but I couldn’t confirm it.

With the impending rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Tunisia, we’re in for some bad times, from sky-high oil prices to gargantuan failures of Obama diplomacy.

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