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Mr. Mullen has a following for his occasional Ramblings in which he vents his ideas about government and the social order, all of which I agree with so I’m proud to post it here, with his approval:
Rob_MullenI’ve had a little static from many of you who have asked why I haven’t written a RAMblings lately.  Truth is Sweet Lorraine and I have been terribly busy. We’ve been packing our gear, pulling stakes and planning the best way out of town.  “Round about midnight,” some friend suggested.

Anyway, after a half-century of Arizona residency, we’re trading it all for a new look at things from mile-high Denver.  That and several very enjoyable writing assignments have kept my fingers stuck to the keyboard these past few months.  But something too good to ignore has happened and I want to share it with you.

For the past few years, I have usually vent my Irish ire on our Socialist Prince, but even though he is easy grist for the mill of ridicule, this is not about the Kid from Kenya.  Well, not directly.

As you might have gathered, my people came from Ireland, and I love the place dearly.  Lorraine and I have crisscrossed the island many, many times and found the folks warm, fun and loveable.

Down at Ireland’s deep southwest, near the source of the Roughty River in County Kerry there’s a tiny village, Kilgarvan, that’s just passed a new law that would skyrocket the blood pressure of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Understand it is Bloomberg who insists on legislating what New Yorkers eat, drink, watch, smell.   He even has suggested hospitals hide baby formula and pressure new moms into breastfeeding.  I am not making this up!

Well. the citizens of Kilgarvan, God love them, have just passed a law that allows members of its community to drink and drive.  Nancy Pelosi would hate it because the law is brief, to the point, easy to understand and members of the Kerry County Council had plenty of time to read it before they passed it.

Simply, the law allows people who live in country areas to have a few beers before they drive home.  Local politician Danny Healy-Rae says it will help preserve pub culture, lower the risk of suicide and attack isolation in the small community.  Danny says it isn’t supposed to apply to everyone, mainly “elderly who live in very remote places.”  He asks, “What is the alterative for them where no public or other transport is available? Staying at home and staring at the four walls?”

Sure, the strident streets of Manhattan and the simple lane that eases through Kilgarvan are quite different.  But the point is that Kilgarvan has a government that trusts its citizens to make their own decisions and abide by the consequences of their actions.

Our beloved country was the creation of strong hearted people who wanted freedom from a domineering government.  Bloomberg and people like him would replace our national symbol, the American Bald Eagle, with a Mother Hen.  Some of us don’t like the idea. ■

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