Mountain Cat

Sharp focus of both near and distant objects requires a lens with a small f-stop, at least f/22 or even f/32. Most point and shoot digital cameras will stop down to only f/8 or maybe f/11. A DSLR is generally required to get this shot, with a lens such as this one which will go down to f/22. Of course, when you have bent the light reaching the sensor with a small aperture you will also need a slow shutter speed. This calls for a tripod and a subject, such as this cat, that will remain still.

The most pleasing aspect of the mountain cat is the warm natural light coming from the side, out of the frame on the right. It renders the cat’s left front paw and leg to be lit up with it’s right side in shadow but with sufficient detail. Nice.

Here is a photo taken with a Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8 L II USM Lens, shutter speed and aperture unknown.

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