Most Under Appreciated Band Ever?

Professor Jacobson thinks so, and I tend to agree. I put this song at the end of each one of my “exercise mixes” on my iPod so it’s what I hear during the cool down of my daily sweat fest. It is under appreciated but this youtube video has had almost 6 million views. The video is from 1967 and the audio track is a 2006 remix.

I like this comment left on youtube:

when I listen to this track it reminds me of a happier time of a better world a world where people still talked to each when a neighbour was a neighbour and a friend was a friend but most of all it reminds me of my youth something we all take for granteted, nothing lives for ever but as long as there is music in your soul your soul will live on.


The 60’s were years of excess no doubt, but hasn’t every decade since also been? Albeit each in a different way. This may just be a fact of aging but the nostalgia for the 60’s is mainly a remembrance of how much fun it was just to be with other people and talk and eat and argue and listen to music and …well, you know. [NOTE: Don’t read anything into that about drugs, I never touched them not even once, and I never associated with anyone who did. It was possible to live a full 1960’s lifestyle of peace and love and stupid political ideas and the Port Huron Statement without getting stoned, believe it or not.]

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