Most shameless lie in American history? Probably

“We will keep this promise to the American people. If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor. Period. If you like your health-care plan, you will be able to keep your health-care plan. Period.” 

— Barack Obama, March, 2010

This one has to compete with the lie that the Benghazi terrorist attack was caused by a Youtube video.  I guess they’re about equal.  One was told for the purpose of getting Obamacare enacted, the other to cover up Hillary Clinton’s and Obama’s incompetence and dereliction of duty.

Nixon’s “I am not a crook,” and George H.W. Bush’s “Read my lips” were also shameless lies, but not quite in the same league as the Obama/Clinton whoppers.  Actually, George H.W. Bush might have believed what he said at the time he said it.  That never mattered to me, I thought he was a scoundrel for making that promise without a firm conviction for sticking to it.


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