More Evidence That Mask Mandates Are As Useless as Joe Biden

From The American Thinker:

The Centers for Disease Control released another study showing no statistically significant decrease in “daily case” or “death growth” rates from COVID-19 in areas with mask mandates.  This comes after a similar CDC study in October indicated that mask mandates do not appear to have slowed or stopped the spread of the coronavirus at all.  Still, the CDC continues to recommend that all Americans wear masks, except in certain private settings when individuals are fully vaccinated, unless the goalpost-shifting Dr. Fauci gets his way.

This whole “masks don’t seem to be having much effect, but wear them anyway” bureaucratic calculus may seem like a frivolous controversy to Americans preoccupied with the pandemic, but for Americans who are equally worried about the State’s steady encroachment into the lives of families, mask mandates are the worst kind of noxious administrative abuse — another iteration of government coercion that constricts a person’s freedom while accomplishing next to nothing.  It’s government rule-making for the sake of rule-making whose chief purpose is to demonstrate that it is the government’s job to command and each citizen’s duty to readily obey.

Mask mandates are the perfect metaphor for a government that demands obedience:

Read the whole thing.

These are the U.S. states and territories with mask mandates:

These are the U.S. states and territories without mask mandates:

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