More evidence (if any were needed) That Joe Biden is Corrupt

Anyone who cared to read about it already knows that Joe Biden amassed a fortune in secretive deals with foreign governments during his decades as Senator from Delaware. A Senator’s salary over all those years could not possibly have been the source of Biden’s millions.

Biden’s son Hunter Biden seems to have been the front man in most of the crooked dealings with foreign governments. Well substantiated allegations indicate that Hunter Biden negotiated the dirty deals for massive amounts of dough, with approximately one-half of it paid to “The Big guy,” i.e. Hunter’s father.

Joe Biden has claimed repeatedly that he never had any discussions with Hunter or any of his associates about his overseas business dealings. We always suspected and now we know for sure that Joe Biden lied every time he was asked about it.

Jonathan Turley is a law professor at George Washington University Law School. Anyone who has followed him and his writings know he is a serious guy with a stellar reputation for truth and brilliant analysis.

Turley has a new post at his website that tells us everything we already know along with a lot more we didn’t know: New Emails Raise New Allegations of Influence Peddling By Hunter Biden and Direct knowledge of President Biden.

From Turley’s website:

It is clear that Hunter Biden was selling access and influence. It appears that Joe Biden was aware of that effort. That is very serious.  If these emails are false, this is a major story. If they are true, this is a major scandal.  Presumably, however, this story will result in another run to the nearest ice cream shop for breathless coverage on the current frozen delights of the President.

I highly recommend reading the entirety of Jonathan Turley’s post. Use the link above to access it. You can also check out Miranda Devine, the best writer at the New York Post. Her latest is Hunter Biden Used Joe’s VP perks to pursue deals with Carlos Slim (Multibillionaire — lives in Mexico).


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