More DUI Convictions Thrown Out Because of Defective Breathalyzers

I’m a broken record on this but I will say it again: DUI laws are a horrible injustice because convictions are based on blood alcohol levels and not actual impairment. That’s important because when it comes to human physiological reaction to alcohol all are not the same and impairment among individuals occurs at different levels of alcohol concentration. Thus actual impairment should be the standard and not the level of alcohol in the blood [unless the legal level is set high enough that virtually everyone is impaired at that level.]

This unjust system is made worse by the fact that the method of measurement is faulty. Taking measurement of breath alcohol and converting that to blood alcohol is problematic as well because the formula used to do it is an average among a human population and will not be accurate for any given individual. No one is average.

Finally, and this is huge, the machines used to measure breath alcohol, called breathalyzers, DON’T WORK. Every once in a while someone proves that the machines don’t work, the bureaucrats call it a snafu when it’s really business as usual, and hundreds of DUI convictions have to be tossed out. Here is the latest:

Defective breathalyzer could lead to tossing out hundreds of DUI convictions

PLEASE NOTE: I have never been charged or convicted of DUI. I have never been stopped on the road under suspicion of DUI. I may have an axe to grind, but it’s not that axe.

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