Modern women are destroying their ancient female legacy

Our ancient female ancestors did the human race a hugely good service. They chose to mate only with men whom they trusted to stay with them and help them raise their children, men who could provide for them and the children that resulted from their union.  By the process of Darwinian sexual selection the best strategy for a man in those times was to be the kind of man a woman would want to be the father of her children.

Modern women (not all but enough) are throwing all that progress in male building away. They’re doing it by being reckless in their choice of the man (men, actually) with whom they will mate:

Criminal offending as part of an alternative reproductive strategy: Investigating evolutionary hypotheses using Swedish total population data

Convicted criminal offenders had more children than individuals never convicted of a criminal offense. Criminal offenders also had more reproductive partners, were less often married, more likely to get remarried if ever married, and had more often contracted a sexually transmitted disease than non-offenders. Importantly, the increased reproductive success of criminals was explained by a fertility increase from having children with several different partners. We conclude that criminality appears to be adaptive in a contemporary industrialized country, and that this association can be explained by antisocial behavior being part of an adaptive alternative reproductive strategy.

This analysis comes from Sweden but I think it is a phenomenon that applies across Western Europe and America and much of the rest of the world.

In this shaping of the future of human civilization, women are the superior sex; collectively they’re in control of that future. They’re currently doing a lousy job of it. They are enabling criminals to determine the future genetic makeup of humanity. All any woman need do to not be a part of this social degrodation is to simply set higher standards for the men she allows into her bed.

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