Mitt Romney gets the cop vote

A national survey by a magazine for cops read almost exclusively by cops shows that only 10% plan on voting for Obama.  The overwhelming majority, 74%, are voting for Romney. The rest say they’ll vote for a third-party candidate.  That’s the good news for Romney.  The not-so-good news for Romney is that of the majority who will vote for him, most don’t like him personally.  They will be voting against Obama more than for Romney.

The interesting question for me is why so many cops don’t like Romney, even though they will vote for him.  I think it’s the Eddie Haskell effect.  I’m projecting here, because that was my reaction to Romney during the primaries.  Eddie Haskell was the well dressed but smart-mouthed “creep” that was always causing trouble on Leave it to Beaver.  I thought Romney was a well-dressed wooden stick figure of a man with nary a hair out of place who was also a creep.

Once I let go of that emotional reaction I saw him much differently, as the man who gave all of inheritance from his father to charity, who then became a self-made man and earned his own fortune, and has extended vast kindness, as well as vast amounts of his income in the form of charity, to others.   This last one, kindness to others, is huge because in most cases those others were not people in a position to help Romney in any significant way.  The best judge of a man is how he treats people from whom he can expect nothing in return.  Romney shines on that score.

I think Mitt Romney will be the next president, and after a while most of the cops who voted for him despite their view of him personally will change their minds.

Just a bit of irony here, Ron Desmond who played Eddie Haskell on Leave it to Beaver went on to a career with the LAPD.

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