Misspelled words and other mistakes in blog posts

It’s quite a task, getting all the misspelled words (or numerical mistakes) out of a post before publishing it. I believe the problem lies in our brains. It’s harder to spot a misspelled word in something you wrote than it is for someone else. That’s because what you write yourself is in your conscious brain as well as on the paper or the computer screen. It’s easy for fingers to hit the wrong key and cause a word to be misspelled but as you proofread you may be reading what’s in your conscious brain, and your brain may then trick you by auto-correcting the misspelled word or other mistake. But the auto correct is only in your brain, not on the screen or paper. Others don’t have it in their conscious brain so they see more clearly what’s on the screen in front of them. This enables them to spot the misspelled word or mistake without their brain tricking them to ignore it.

Whenever I can cajole Mrs. TeeJaw to read a post before I publish it I’m eager for her critique, which usually consists of pointing out misspelled words. That’s not always available to me because she often has better things to do with her time.

When I’ve moved on after hitting the publish button, what was in my conscious brain days earlier is gone.  So when I look at what comes up on my computer’s screen a misspelled word stands out like a bloody elephant in a snowbank. I can edit the post and update, but it’s too late for what I first put up. It’s a good thing you can’t hear me kursing myselt.

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