Millennial Job Interview

How would a millennial job interview go? Somethin like this…

A commenter at Powerline Blog wrote this:

Who are you people working with? Is everyone in your office over 30? All these people that I work with seem like decent enough folks.

It all sounds like “Back in my day” or “Uphill both ways” to me. Shock, young people have lots of young and stupid. Personal experience tells me it’s not unique to this generation.

I replied to his comment this way:

The boys that stormed Omaha Beach on June 6, 1944 were part a generation nothing like this one.

The boys that planted Old Glory on Mount Suribachi on Febuary 23, 1945 were battleworn, tired and weary but they didn’t let any of that stop them.

They carried on, they honored our flag and themselves. The did what great men have done through time.

They and their generation will always be remembered for their honor and courage in the face of terrible adversity. They were the sort of men Hemmingway wrote about. They had mettle and courage and determination. They were stouthearted and dauntless.

Mellinnials are fearful, stupid, ignorant, useless and pathetic. They are the dumbest generation that has ever been born. They will accomplish nothing, they will leave little memory of themselves except as colorless dullards and cry babies.

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