Middle Class Anarchy Could Be Coming Soon

Anarchy, a state of disorder in an absence or nonrecognition of authority, can happen when the people of a society lose respect for the rule of law. People don’t just obey the law out of fear of punishment; they obey the rules when they respect the rules and those who make them. When they see lawlessness by public officials they begin to feel justified to ignore the law if they can get away with it. When the law doesn’t seem to apply to government officials, appointed judges, political operatives or candidates for the presidency, and if these persons are not going to be held to the same standards as everone else, anarchy is just around the corner.

The United States Constitution is the law that governs those we elect to govern us. Barack Obama has treated the Constitution as little more than a suggestion rather than a binding statement of how he is allowed to conduct his office. When Obama attempts to create rules for the entire country by executive order instead of following the laws duly enacted by Congress and signed by either himself or some previous president, he is essentially committing a crime only he can commit.

Soon other lower-ranking officials and administrators begin to act out in the same way, and a lawless society is born. When the people can no longer trust their leaders to honestly uphold the law for themselves, why should anyone else obey the law? Criminality at the top is the ultimate substance that will trickle down to the rest of the population. When the trust the people have in the social order rots away, then obeying the law starts to look like a sucker’s game.

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