Michigan’s “Stand Your Ground” law is doing good work for Detroit’s future

Given the dysfunction of the Detroit police department, Detroit’s future will benefit from Michigan’s stand your ground law.  This is a great column by Liz Peek at the Fiscal Times, which is a left leaning publication making it all the more remarkable to find such good sense in its pages.  Ms. Peek says:

Jay Z is in for a shock. He, along with Madonna and Stevie Wonder, are boycotting Florida, in protest of the “Stand Your Ground” law that they say allowed the George Zimmerman, who shot Trayvon Martin, to go scot-free.  Does he know that 22 other states have similar laws? Will he no longer perform in Pennsylvania, Texas, New Hampshire or Utah? How about Michigan?

If this subject is of interest the rest of Ms. Peek’s column is well worth your time.

Michigan passed SYG with bipartisan support in 2006.

Blaming SYG laws for violence is stupid.  It is “duty to retreat” laws that encourage violence by empowering and enabling criminals, not SYG laws which make it harder for criminals to do what they want to do.  No sensible government would impose a duty on peaceful citizens to flee for their life every time some cretin unlawfully threatens them.

As if we needed more evidence that Jay Z, Madonna and Stevie Wonder are fools, Florida’s SYG law had nothing to do with the Trayvon Martin case because George Zimmerman was pinned to the ground getting his head bashed in with no other option than to submit and die or defend himself with his legally carried firearm.

There is only one thing that Obama has said about George Zimmerman that is true. Obama has said Trayvon Martin would be alive today if George Zimmerman had not had a gun.  That is true.  Trayvon Martin would be alive, and George Zimmerman would be either dead, or alive with serious brain damage.

The only reason not to believe Obama would have preferred that result is that there would not have been any opportunity for Obama and Eric Holder to use this case to spread racial division and hatred in America.

George Zimmerman would have gone quietly either to his grave or into permanent disability and no one outside of Sanford, Florida would have ever heard of him.

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