Michele Fields interviews Leonardo DiCaprio and Senator Bernie Sanders at “The People’s Climate March”

Leonardo DiCaprio Owns 5 Luxury Homes, Rented World’s 5th Largest Yacht, Now Marches to Save Climate. Sen. Bernie Sanders is the avowed socialist Senator from Vermont. This is the way journalism should to be done, exposing the idiocy of the elite.

In this video Michele Fields interviews Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. who is apparently, a dope.

More Than 310 Thousand People with Skewed Priorities Flood New York. Looks like the 310 to 400 thousand people who marched in Manhattan yesterday have priorities that are out of touch with the rest of the occupants of this lovely planet. They also left behind a colossal mess of trash in NYC.

The Uninformed, Hypocritical, Emotionally-Driven People’s Climate March I suspect engineers and others who actually make the country run will not be well represented at the march tomorrow. My father used to say, “those who can, do…those who can’t, teach”. The marchers are trying to teach us how we should live our lives, when they have no clue what life would be like if they got their way.

As Germany and other countries rapidly backtrack on their commitment to the use of renewable energy, finding just how expensive and economically damaging it is, we Americans are allowing ourselves to be railroaded into a similar, bleak future. Maybe that’s the real goal of the People’s Climate March.


We are in a strange and dark chapter in history. The left doesn’t just want to demolish capitalism, they want to repeal the Enlightenment as well.

They want a second Dark Ages.

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