Michael Barone on why so many failed to predict the reelection of Obama

The video below allows you to change the quality to 720p HD. Glenn Reynolds speaks to Michael Barone on why so many failed to predict Obama’s reelection. The whole thing is excellent. Here is the text of the part I found most instructive:

Glenn Reynolds: What does the GOP need to do to attract minority and young voters?

Michael Barone: The Republicans have to figure out a formula for doing somewhat better with Hispanic voters. Hispanic voters, unlike majority voters, like Obamacare and the stimulus package, so Republicans have to point out how their policies can produce better results and make a better world that will satisfy not just the hopes or Mexicans and Hispanics, but their aspirations, what they can do with themselves. They must make the point to young voters that you need a vibrant economy, which we haven’t got now, we’ll see if we have one in four years, but that you need a vibrant market-driven economy because that enables you to choose your future, [emphasis added] to find work and things to do where you can maximize your contribution and make this society based on your special talents and interests. That’s a point Republicans need to make and I think it has resonated with some young voters. The young voter group showed the biggest movement away from Barack Obama in this year’s election.

Glenn Reynolds: Yeah, ten years in your parents’ basement gives you a chance to think about those things.

The whole interview is great, after the above exchange Barone talks about the gains Republicans made in state and local elections [sadly, not in Colorado] and how that gives them an opportunity to show the country how their policies are better than what the Democrats offer. Also, Barone explains how the Democrats’ constituencies of minorities and gentry liberals are clustered into large population centers and the Republican constituencies are more spread out across the country, giving them an advantage in the House of Representatives. [only if they will put it to use, I would add].

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