Men, Women and Marriage

There now exists a coterie of books and articles on the phenomenon of young men losing all interest in commitment to women. These young men haven’t lost interest in sex, by any means, and they won’t anytime soon. But women aren’t demanding commitment before sex these days and men are fine with that.

Years of anti-male venom by feminists (“A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle”); unfair treatment of men in divorce court (men hit with inequitable division of marital property, excessive and unneeded alimony awards to women, huge child support obligations, false accusations of child sexual abuse by vindictive ex-wives), and all sorts of other financial and/or legal traps that await men when love unravels has convinced many of them that commitment is a fool’s game.

Women might also be happy with that state of affairs for a time, but quickly come to see it as a dead end. The man who won’t commit begins to appear as a loser and a jerk to a woman wanting more than a casual relationship. Both sexes are largely correct in their respective attitudes toward the other.

So what’s the answer to this? Bad news, there isn’t any. Marriage is obsolete now, except for homosexuals of course. It didn’t get this way without years of neglect by both sexes and the larger society and it’s legal and cultural structure.  All that used to be is now something else. It won’t become another thing within current time horizons.

For a look at how things used to be, check this out: Men and Marriage by George Gilder.

All the books and articles being written today won’t get us back to what was good in the past, at least not for those firmly embedded in the WAG Culture. They might be helpful to understanding, though. Here’s a sample for anyone wanting to get a handle on it:


The Rational Male

Men on Strike, Why Men Are Boycotting Marriage

Stand by Your Manhood: A Game Changer for Modern Men

The War Against Boys


Why men won’t get married anymore; sorry ladies, it’s all your fault

The denigration of men: Ridiculed, abused, exploited – the triumph of feminism has made today’s men second class citizens.

Interview with Peter Lloyd, author of Stand by Your Manhood:

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