Megan Kelly is a disaster for NBC

Megan Kelly is a disaster for NBC, and this post is about my Schadenfreude, a German word defined as pleasure derived from some other person’s misfortune. It’s always spelled with a capital “S.” It literally means “damage joy.”

Isn’t it malicious to take pleasure from someone’s misery? That might depend on whether and how much that person deserved it. If he got what was coming to him, got a taste of his own medicine, then perhaps not.

I can’t help my Schadenfreude at this: Megyn Kelly and NBC: The cost of Trump Derangement Syndrome is huge.

NBC executive Andrew Lack, reputedly the man who hired Megyn Kelly away from Fox News, has cost shareholders of NBC-Universal millions of dollars. The three-year contract paying her a reported $23 million a year is the least of the costs the network must absorb. Had Kelly brought-in the eyeballs of early morning viewers for the Today Show, where she landed after dismal ratings for her Sunday prime-time “news magazine” entry, the money could be considered a wise investment of corporate resources.

That $23 million is only for starters. There’s also the $10 million NBC spent to build her a new studio, and the loss of ad revenue as her ratings fall. The worst of it is the demographic age group she is driving away.  The key demographic of adults aged 25 to 54 is where the show is down 28 percent from last season. That’s the demographic advertisers like best and are willing to pay the most for. According to the zeitgeist of advertising execs the 25-54 group have not yet become wedded to certain brands and are open to try anything new. The older groups have already become attached to their favorite beer, shampoo, and breakfast cereal. It’s harder to break someone away from habits that have been formed.

So why my schadenfreude? It not against Megan Kelly, she’s made out pretty well although she probably won’t be able to keep her big salary. No, it’s NBC that richly deserves the catastrophe that is occurring.

NBC is driven by its hatred for Donald Trump, and hatred, especially blind hatred, is always a lousy basis for decision making. So, here’s to ya’ NBC. You’re laying in the bed you made.

I’m loving it!

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