Maxine Waters gives the eulogy for Dick Gregory — and lays an egg

California Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters was called upon to give the eulogy at the funeral for deceased comedian Dick Gregory who died last week at age 84.

A eulogy is supposed to be about the person lying in the casket. It’s supposed to be a tribute to that person, a celebration of that person’s life and legacy. Dick Gregory was a pioneering satirist who transformed cool humor into a barbed force for civil rights in the 1960s.

Waters wasn’t interested in any of that. She spoke for 25 minutes and might have spent one minute talking about Gregory. The rest of the time she spent on a tirade for the impeachment of President Trump. She bragged to the funeral attendees that she’s “cleaning out the White House” and “not going to take what is happening in this country” and railed against the president as “a dishonorable human being who has the alt-right, and the KKK and everybody else inside his Cabinet.”

This was a low class performance. It was an insult to the friends and family of Dick Gregory who came to mourn their loss and to remember his life.

I don’t know for sure but Dick Gregory might have turned over in his coffin. Your funeral is the one time when you are entitled to have it be all about you.

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