Massachusetts Justice

The excellent John and Abigail Adams TV series has John Adams saying, at the end of the final chapter, something along the lines of “We gave them freedom, I hope they will preserve it.”

Adams and the founding fathers carried out much of the their work to give us freedom in Massachusetts. Boston might be thought of as the cradle of liberty for America. I think someone said that once. So did we, or they who have lived and voted in Massachusetts all these years since, have they preserved their freedom?

This story in the Boston Herald, involving Obama’s Uncle Omar, might influence your answer to that question. The seminal line in the story is, “Whose side are you on? And whose side do you think the Massachusetts legal system is on?”

Also, see the comment I left there.

Sidebar: Massachusetts, you may remember, is the state where the most powerful politician in the legislature was running the Commonwealth while his brother ran the Irish Mafia, and killed anyone who threatened the power of either of them. The Mafia brother didn’t have to worry much about law enforcement because he had an old chum in the Boston FBI office looking out for him.  Not just for a while, but for many years.  You can read that story in The Brothers Bulger.

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