Mark Steyn — Seeking Meaning in the Void

From Mark Steyn, Seeking Meaning in the Void

On Thursday evening, “Tucker Carlson Tonight” examined the carnage in Florida from various angles – the warning to the FBI that went nowhere, gun laws at home and abroad, mental health issues, etc.

On the Democrats’ reflexive trope, the “gun control” argument will go nowhere, and everybody knows it. In 1996 Australians owned guns at a far lower rate than Americans do, and their sense of themselves and their nation’s liberties was not so intimately bound up with private gun ownership as America’s is. You would have to persuade freeborn citizens fundamentally to rethink their conception of gun rights, and Dems aren’t in the persuasion business – not when it’s easier to sneer at tens of millions of law-abiding gun owners who not unreasonably resent having the depravity of the usual mentally-ill misfit loner hung around their necks.

So the Aussie example is irrelevant unless Democrats want to provoke a civil war.

Watch, then please, go to the link above and read the whole thing:

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