Mark Sanford wins in special U.S. House election in South Carolina

It wasn’t even close. Former governor Sanford beat Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch in special election for Congress to replace Tim Scott who was appointed to the Senate by Governor Nikki Haley.

The District includes Charleston and is solidly Republican (Romney carried it by 18 points over Obama).

When Sanford won the primary Democrats saw an opportunity to pick up a Republican district because of Sanford’s past scandalous behavior while governor of absconding to South America with his mistress, having his paid staff lie to cover it up, and lying to his wife. Turns out the people of Charleston didn’t care about that, at least not enough to elect a Democrat.

Sanford’s win is remarkable because of his colorful past. National Democrats were salivating over a possible win in a Republican stronghold and showered Elizabeth Colbert Busch with literally millions of dollars. She might have had a campaign war chest of as much as ten times that of Sanford.

Anytime the big money loses it’s a good day.

The Democrat House Majority PAC, which spent $450,000 on TV ads and direct mail to boost Colbert Busch, said the outcome in South Carolina reflects poorly on the GOP. Huh? Well, that what Democrats do when they lose and Republicans win. They act like they won and Republicans lost. I wish Republicans would do that! Instead of skulking off with their tails between their legs.

All the King’s money, and all the King’s (and Acorn’s) illegal voters, weren’t enough to put their Humpty Dumpty candidate up on the wall. Ha!

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