Mark Robinson on gun rights — powerful speech

I’ve posted this video before, it was uploaded to YouTube on April 6, 2018. You may have seen it.

Well, the Second Amendment is under assault again, or maybe I should say the Second Amendment continues to be under assault. Mr. Robinson has an eloquent response to those who believe, or say they believe, that if you are attacked by a criminal wielding a gun the worst thing you can do is to present your own gun and defend yourself. I sometimes wonder if the final step with these people is to outlaw self defense all together.

They can’t do that. The right to defend oneself from deadly attack doesn’t come from government. It comes from our creator. It is a natural right every animal including human beings on this earth are born with.

Many of those who contest our right to defend ourselves are themselves surrounded by armed security personnel. Their attempts to make us vulnerable while keeping themselves safe goes beyond words, but these come to mind: Hateful, odious and detestable. I’d add narcissistic personalty disorder to those.

Watch Mr. Robinson introduce sanity to counter the madness:


UPDATE: Mark Robinson has since been elected Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina. He beat Billionaire Mike Bloomberg’s $8 Million war chest to win handily.

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