Mark Levin Interview of Victor Davis Hanson

As a disaffected soul in the new one-party blue state of Colorado I find solace in Victor Davis Hanson (Everything he thinks, says or writes), Dinesh D’Souza (The Big Lie, Death of a Nation, Stealing America), Jordan Peterson (12 Rules for Life), Kurt Schlichter (Militant Normals), Tucker Carlson (Ship Of Fools), David Harsanyi (First Freedom), Michael Walsh (The Devil’s Pleasure Palace, The Fiery Angel), Derek Hunter (Outrage, Inc.), Bruce Thornton (Plagues of the Mind, Democracy’s Dangers and Discontents), Heather MacDonald (The Diversity Delusion), Roger Scruton (Fools, Frauds, and Firebrands), Saleno Zito (The Great Revolt), Greg Jarrett (The Russia Hoax), Roger Simon (China, The NSA, Google, and the War on freedom).

These a just a few of my resources for sanity.

I don’t believe the Californiacation of a state, as has been accomplished in Colorado, is reversible. One must either pack up and go somewhere else (while there’s still somewhere to go) or accept the new zeitgeist. Leaving is the only option. Accepting the craziness, believing in the silliness, paying the exorbitant taxes, will eventually result in the total destruction of one’s spirit and common sense.

Reading the great ones I’ve listed above will prop the spirit for a while, like a sturdy sea wall against brackish water, until wave after wave of one loathsome proposition after another tears it down. To be left alone to live one’s life in peace is no longer possible once the Jacobins take the reins of power.

I took great pleasure in the following 40-minute interview of Victor Davis Hanson by Mark Levin. I hope you will too:


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