Making insurance companies cover pre-existing conditions ruins insurance for everyone else

Paul Ryan and his crowd keeping talking about “binary choice.” What they mean is accept this turd we’ve produced, or keep Obamacare.  The turd is insurance coverage for pre-existing conditions. The actual binary choice is insurance for pre-existing conditions and no insurance that anyone else can afford without government subidies, or allowing insurance companies to sell and people to buy whatever sort of insurance they desire with no government restrictions and no subsidies.

Oh that’s so cruel, what about my aunt with cancer, or my dad with heart disease?

They won’t be left behind, there are plenty of things that can be done for them but insurance isn’t one of them. Look at what Obamacare does. It requires insurance companies to do something that only government should do: provide welfare subsidies to needy people. The insurance companies don’t actually pay, their healthy policyholders pay it in the form of sky-high premiums.

Under this scheme the Obamacare subsidies go to the wrong people, they go to the young and/or healthly people who need a subsidy to pay the jacked-up premiums the insurance companies have to charge in order to cover pre-existing conditions.

Paul Ryan wants to keep it that way. It’s a plan for disaster every bit as much as Obamacare. This is really unbelieveable that after promising to repeal Obamacare for seven years this is what the GOP came up with.

The answer is a separate government program exclusively for people with pre-existing conditions who cannot pay for the care they need. In a country as rich as the United States making sure people who have suffered a health misfortune that costs more than they can afford to pay can easily be cared for.  The current spending cuts being made by Trump will cover it. Probably with millions to spare.

Then just repeal Obamacare with a new law that says simply “Sayonara Obamacare,R.I.P” and make health insurance legal again for everybody else.

It’s an idea so crazy it just might work.

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