Make schools safe by making them a hard target for mass killers

A gun owner I know says, “My friend’s position is that safe schools should be valued over my gun.”

There is no need to compare values here. Taking guns away from good people will not make schools safer. In the UK where all guns are illegal there are knife attacks. The monsters that roam the streets of London have started throwing acid in people’s face. These are random attacks to which an unarmed citizenry is especially vulnerable.

The schools in America are unsafe because at present they are soft targets for nut cases like Nikolas Cruz. School administrators and state legislators have deceived themselves into believing that by announcing that a school is a “gun free zone” they will have made the school safer for the students and teachers.

They’ve actually made it more dangerous. They’ve attracted monsters like Cruz to come and shoot up the place and kill people. Why in the world would they want to do that? They don’t want to attract killers, but they have a screwy notion that the mere presence of guns, even by good guys and gals, will lead to violence.

Until people shake that silly notion the schools will not be safe for your kids. The only way to make the schools safe is to make schools a hard target. You do that by allowing trained and responsible people with concealed carry permits to carry their guns everywhere.

All statistics show that CCW permit holders are the safest and most law-abiding citizens in America.  There is no reason to stop them from carrying, and there’s a very good reason to take down the gun-free-zone signs and announce that qualified people may be carrying their concealed firearm. Since they will be carrying concealed the mass shooter cannot know what will happen if he opens up. He will not know who is armed and who is not. The comfort zone he had previously will be gone. In all likelihood, so will he be.

Robert Heinlein got it right. A well-armed society is a polite society.

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