Lunacy in the Tetons

I grew up in Wyoming, The Equality State because it was the first to give women the right to vote.  Some think it’s The Cowboy State and I’ll take that as well because I think “Wyoming Cowboys” identifies not just the University of Wyoming football team, but also a rugged individualist way of life at a time when much of the rest of the country is going soft.  Cowboys do grueling hard work for little pay, often in weather that W.C. Fields described as “not fit out for a man to be.”  That’s just one of many reasons I take pride in my Wyoming heritage.

Wyoming has 23 counties. County number 22 is Teton County, world famous for its natural beauty and perhaps the best ski mountain in the U.S.  Certainly the most challenging.

The Grand Teton shown at the top of this page [from time to time] was named by French Explorers in the 18th Century.  Wyoming has many French place names, as does Northern Colorado, because the region was owned by France until 1803 when Napoleon, strapped for funds, sold it to Thomas Jefferson for $15 Million. Some other examples are the Popo Agie river in Fremont County, Wyoming and the Cache le Poudre river in Colorado.

Today there is controversy over the naming of the Grand Teton, and the translation of the word “Teton” from French to English seems to have been Bowlderized. Well, you take a look at the Teton Range when you’re up here and you can make up your own mind what “Teton” meant to the French explorers when they gave that name to our mountain range.

Today there is a serious question, in my mind at least, as to whether the current opinion makers in Teton County are living up to the grandness of their mountains.  It  seems that the people in the other twenty-two counties of Wyoming are having Wheaties for breakfast and in Teton County they’re eating Fruit Loops.  A crisp example appears in today’s Jackson Hole News and Guide.  The lead headline for Wednesday, June 10, 2015, is Future Could Scorch Tetons.

This story starts out this way: “If the best information available on climate change’s effects on the northern Rockies were to be rounded up and synthesized, what picture would be painted of late-21st century Jackson Hole?” Readng on we soon surmise that the “best information available” was never consulted.

The story, written by Mike Koshmrl, then launches into a parade of horribles and disasters predicted in a 34-page report titled “The Coming Climate.”  It’s a dispatch commissioned by something called the Charture Institiute in Jackson Hole and authored by Phd ecologist Corinna Riginos and Teton County Commissioner Mark Newcomb, an economist. I’ve never met either of these individuals and intend no slight to them personally.

So, after first trying to scare the Dickens out of us, the story goes on:

After forecasting and analyzing what’s likely to come, the study suggests strategies for Teton County to do its part to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

“There’s still time and still hope that we could avoid some of the worst possible outcomes,” Riginos said, “which could involve really massive changes.”

Under the best scenarios, which assume heat-trapping carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere are significantly curbed, the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem would “more or less” remain as it is today, she said.

Get it? These are people who want to use the power of government to do a lot of things they think are really cool, but that you might not agree with, so they have to first use scare tactics to get you to go along with their plan to regulate even more of your life that they already do.

Their reliance on the global warming/climate change farce to justify their schemes might be misplaced. There is now a looming sell-by date on all that.  More of the public is now aware of what has come to be known as Climategate. Anyone who has been paying attention at least since the Climate Research Unit email scandal in 2009 which showed the willingness of “scientists” to lie and deceive to save their pet theory (as well as their government funded research grants), and Michael Mann’s Hockey Stick Trick was exposed, are no longer amused or interested in the poppycock the alarmists are selling. This all came as no surprise to those of a skeptical mind.

The final coup de grace should be the publication of Climate Change: The Facts in which the whole thing from top to bottom is throughly debunked by real scientists, science writers known for their ability to explain complex phenomena to the general reader, and commentators with deserved reputations for incisive analysis of sham, fraud and quackery.  The logic and good sense on parade in that book is hard to ignore even if you still cling bitterly to the myth of human-caused climate change.

It’s as if the editors of the Jackson Hole News and Guide are completely unaware of the all the information that has come to light in the last 15 years about global warming/climate change alarmists falsifying data and outright lying to the public.  In some future day all the hoopla in the last 40 years over, first global cooling, then global warming, and now climate change will be looked back on as similar to the prohibition era when a large part of the country went deeply nuts for a time and later regained its senses.

Much if not most of America outside Teton County, Wyoming, and a few other places mostly on the East and West coasts, and on today’s speech-restricted college campuses, have already recovered their common sense and understand perfectly that anyone claiming human beings are powerful enough to control the earth’s climate is a fool trying to convert others into his foolishness. From a young age our common sense should have told us that anyone claiming to know the unknowable, claiming to know that which no one knows, should not be taken seriously. This is especially true if those propounding nonsense have already been widely exposed as liars and charlatans, and yet more so if they occupy positions of power in government.

As Baron de Montesquieu wrote in his 1748 book, The Spirit of Laws, “…every man who has power tends to abuse it. He will proceed until he finds the limits.”  We should add to include “every man (or woman) who aspires to power.” It can be hoped that the American public opinion will eventually set a limit to the sort of flapdoodle chicanery being practiced today by the Climatistas in our midst.

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