If you like words, heres’ one for ya — “Clanjamfrie”

As in, We’ve all seen these petty office clanjamfries.

Clanjamfrie is a Scottish word introduced by Sir Walter Scott in a The Black Dwarf, 1816.

From The Scotsman:

It could refer to a rowdy set of football fans at the pub; a teenager’s messy, dimly-lit bedroom; even some of the frenzied scenes observed over Black Friday.

The word clanjamfrie (alternative spelling: clanjamfry) is a pliable word that, simply, describes chaos.

Ian Crofton’s Dictionary of Scottish Phrase and Fable describes clanjamfrie as meaning “a disorderly rabble; a brouhaha or rumpus; a collection of worthless items.”

So there’s a new word to add to your repertoire, along with flapdoodle, panarchy, and borborygmus…

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