Light Bulb Ban Update — Broken Promises

Fred Upton’s Broken Light Bulb Promise Another Example of the Failure of Republican Leadership

Michael Patrick Leahy, from Voices of the Tea Party:

Late last year, Republican Congressman Fred Upton, who co-sponsored the infamous ban on the current generation of inexpensive incandescent light bulbs included in the 2007 Energy Independence and Security Act, was desperate to secure conservative support for his bid to become Chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee, the same committee in which he had introduced the despised ban three years earlier. He therefore promised that one of his first acts would be to advance legislation that would repeal the very light bulb ban he had once championed.

Upton’s ploy succeeded, and in January of this year, Speaker of the House John Boehner named Upton to his treasured chairmanship. More than four months later, Upton has not held the promised hearings. Several dozen members of the House, including Joe Barton, Michele Bachmann, and Thad McCotter, have co-sponsored legislation to repeal the ban, so there’s plenty of support for it among true conservatives. And since the ban on the current generation of 100 watt incandescent bulbs is scheduled to go into effect on January 1, 2012, prompt action is required. There are only six and a half months left!

Read it all at the link above.

Mr. Leahy has a book in Kindle edition coming out in July: I, Light Bulb With Bonus eBook

I remember Fred Upton on the Hugh Hewitt radio show last year saying he now realizes he was wrong to have sponsored the light bulb ban and that he was going to work to repeal it. Now he looks like just another lying skunk from the Republican establishment. Go Michele Bachmann and her co-sponsors.

Repeal of the light bulb ban would be popular and would help the Republicans politically even if the Democrats defeat it. In fact, especially if the Democrats defeat it. One has to wonder what is wrong with Republicans to let such an opportunity go by. Republicans always do better when they are able to draw a sharp contrast between themselves and Democrats. The light bulb ban is an opportunity to do that, even though it was George W. Bush who signed this monstrous assault on liberty into law. Never mind, it will be Democrats that are likely to block repeal.

Bringing up a bill to repeal it would also help the current crop of Republicans distance themselves from Bush, thus attracting those voters still having Bush fatigue with little risk of ire from those still loyal to him. The upside is clear so why don’t they do it? There must be some truth in the saying that we have two parties in this country, the evil/dangerous party (Democrats) and the stupid party (Republicans). The stupid party now has some new blood in it that isn’t so stupid but they are having a hard time overcoming the inertia and political incompetence of the tired old Republican leadership.

[go here for a photoshop tutorial on how to make the light bulb photo shown in thumbnail above]

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