Lieberman Out, Now In; Nelson Out; Collins to Pinch Hit?

On Sunday Lieberman told the Sunday Morning shows that he would not vote for Obamacare because the expansion of Medicare is a public option. I posted then that no one should believe a word that comes out of a politician’s mouth, and whatever Lieberman was saying didn’t mean he would not be voting for the Bill. I was right, as usual. Today he says he’ll vote for the Bill.

Nelson is now saying he won’t vote for it. But Susan Collins, Republican from Maine was thought to be voting with the Republicans, until today. Now she says that she is grateful to Lieberman for “making this a better bill.” And “I’ll vote for it if it will expand coverage and reduce costs.” Can she be serious? Can she believe it will do either of those things? Does she believe pigs can fly? Wait a minute. There was no expansion of medicare in the bill and she was against it. Then the medicare expansion was put in to take the place of the public option (what’s the difference?) and Lieberman won’t support the bill unless that is taken out, so it is taken out and now Collins is for it. But Nelson isn’t.

So a Republican is going to help Reid get to sixty votes. But wait, Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas might not vote for it. She’s toast next November if she does. So she’d like to be excused please, Harry. No problem. Another Republican is waiting in the wings to pinch hit. Who would that be? Olympia Snowe, of course.

Collins and Snowe can always be counted on to come through for the Democrats when they can’t vote for some monstrous thing because their constituents might throw them out of office if they do. Those two brilliant ladies from Maine are always so glad to help the Democrats, and screw their own party. Harry Reid plays them like a violin, and they never figure it out.

Ben Nelson of Nebraska has some other issues involving a physicians hospital South of Omaha and an important Air Force Base. To be the subject of another post.

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