License plate profiling — It happened to me

I maintain residences in Colorado and Jackson, Wyoming.  I keep a car in Jackson that is licensed in Wyoming. But I drive a car with Colorado plates between the two houses.  Once in Wyoming, the Colorado car is garaged until I return to Colorado.

Today near Jackson I was pulled over by one of Wyoming’s finest.  Two officers approached.  I lowered the driver’s side window on my SUV.  The officer said, “Sir, please also lower the window on the other side and the lower the rear deck window.”  A little unusual, I thought.

I might have heard the sound of someone sniffing behind my vehicle.

Then I remembered.  Colorado used to be the Columbine state, before it became the Pot state.  These cops were checking to see if a cloud of marijuana smoke would roll out of my car when all those windows were opened.

I voted against the damned pot amendment.  Some cops apparently think Colorado license plates means you must be a stoner.

After taking my license, registration and proof of insurance back to their car and doing whatever they do with those things for about ten minutes the officer returned to my window, handed me my papers and told me to have a nice day.  I expected a speeding ticket because the first thing she said after ordering all the windows to be lowered was that I was going 57 in a 45 zone.  I readily admitted she was right.  Maybe that helped, along with the fact that I hate pot, have never touched the ghastly stuff and don’t understand why anyone does.  I’m disappointed that so many people in my home state of Colorado have lost their friggin’ minds.

Legal weed hasn’t ended the black market, as libertarians claimed it would.  Rather, legalization has re-invigorated it because the outlaw dealers are selling pot cheaper than the legal stores.  The dealers don’t charge tax.  Apparently, not that I would know, but I’m told the pot that’s being sold both legally and illegally is a lot stronger that the stuff college students were using back in the 60’s and 70’s.

Oh, there is one other problem with legalization.  The pot stores are targets for armed robberies since they deal in so much cash.  They can’t take credit card or checks because they can’t get bank accounts.

I find it all rather amusing.  But not the license plate profiling by states contiguous to Colorado. That’s another reason to detest potheads.

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