Liberalism Colors the Story

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports:

Darren Evanovich gave a video testimonial intended to deter others from a life of crime. Nine days later he was shot to death after committing a robbery.

The story goes on to praise 23-year old Evanovich for giving a video interview to the Minneapolis office of MAD DADS recounting his many criminal exploits and counseling others to avoid a life of crime. The story contains 21 paragraphs chronicling Evanwich’s so-called good works, which consisted of no more than the interview he gave for an 8-minute video. Three paragraphs were given to the violent crime Evanovich committed 9 days later.

Darren Evanovich and his sister confronted an elderly woman in a parking lot, put a gun to her head, snatched her purse and then pistol whipped her. The pair then ran. A good samaritan witnessed the beating and robbery and gave chase. When Evanovich ran around a corner he stopped. As the good samaritan came around the corner Evanovich drew his gun and pointed it at the citizen. Unfortunately for Evanovich, the good samaritan was also armed, legally carrying a firearm with a Minnesota concealed carry permit. He shot Evanovich one time, and the purse-snatching, old-lady beating criminal died on the spot.

The Hennipin County prosecutor has declared the shooting to be justified self defense and the good samaritan will not be prosecuted for any crime.

Here is all the Minneapolis Star Tribune had to say about Evanovich’s crime:

On the evening of Oct. 20, a little more than a week later, a 53-year-old woman was accosted in a supermarket parking lot off E. Lake Street. The stranger was armed with a handgun, and after taking her money, he struck her in the head with his weapon, police said.

A man nearby saw the attack. He had a state permit to carry a pistol, and he had one with him. He chased the robber behind a restaurant and shot him dead. Police say the robber was Darren Evanovich. He was 23.

Authorities have not released the name of the man who killed him. The case remains under review by the Hennepin County attorney to determine whether the homicide was a crime.

Those words, “shot him dead” leaves the impression that the shooting was not justified.  The Star Tribune neglects to say the Evanovich drew his gun first placing the good samaritan in reasonable fear for his life.  It seems to be pretending there is some question as to whether the robber was actually Evanovich, although it was Evanovich who was chased from the scene of the crime by a citizen witness to the crime, was shot by the citizen and the purse and gun used in the crime were recovered on Evanovich’s person.

John Hinderaker said this about the Star Tribune’s treatment of the Darren Evanovich story:

The Star Tribune’s coverage of the Evanovich case provides evidence to support the proposition that liberalism makes you stupid, or requires you to be stupid. I think it is true as a general proposition. Yet in this case we have the counterexample of Mike Freeman [Hennipin County prosecutor] — not stupid. At the very least, the case is a good reminder that the Star Tribune gives new meaning to the expression “the gang that couldn’t shoot straight.”


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