Liberal Defections From the Russia Narrative

After the 2016 election liberals who used to love Russia suddenly found it convenient to claim Russia was interfering with American internal politics.  Trump’s triumph on election day created a need for a suitable explanation of Hillary’s loss. There had to be some nefarious trickery by Trump, they said. It couldn’t be that Hillary ran an incompetent campaign or that Americans had tired of the Clintons. It couldn’t be that American liked what Trump was saying. It just couldn’t be that the voters weren’t buying the claptrap Hillary was trying to sell. It couldn’t be that Hillary’s 30-year track record of lying, corruption and law breaking made her a pariah, oh no. The polls predicted she would win in a landslide. Something went terribly wrong and there had to be a way to lay the blame on those pesky Republicans, especially on Donald Trump.

I don’t how they came to believe that a narrative of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign was going to be the ticket to not only explain away Hillary’s defeat, but also to bring Trump down. But that’s what they did and that’s what they said and continue to say.

Russian collusion with Trump was just part one of the new narrative. Part two was that the Russians had hacked the servers at the DNC.  Even if the hack didn’t change any votes, it was evidence that the Russians were colluding with Trump. Why else would the Russians have done so, they said. They claimed that Robert Podesta’s email had also been hacked. This was silly. It had been obvious from the beginning that Posesta fell prey to a phishing email scheme which everyone who uses a computer is familiar with. Most people know better than to click the link in the email that instantly loads malware onto your computer. At any rate, The Democrats and their accomplices in the fake news media glommed onto these story lines almost immediately after the final election returns confirmed Trump’s win.

Immediately, a problem developed. There didn’t seem to be any evidence to support the yarn the Dems and the media were feeding us. We were promised there was going to be evidence and plenty of it. Nearly 10 months later they still haven’t found any. The story is starting to smell like dead fish. Special Counsel Robert Mueller can’t seem to find any evidence, so it appears he’s given up trying. He’s shifted in another direction, trying to find dirt on Trump which even if no actual crime can be found at least something might be discovered to use as opposition research in the 2020 election. This is, of course, an egregious abuse of power but it’s what Democrats do and only they can get away with it.

Mueller and his team will probably be able to goad someone associated with Trump to make a mistake in memory that will support a process crime for supposedly lying to the investigators, ala Martha Stewart and Scooter Libby. When no case could be made on the suspected crime they were investigating, the Justice Department and Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald, respectively, went after Stewart and Libby on the process crime of lying to a grand jury.

Whenever the object of an investigation makes the mistake of trying to remember facts long past there is a danger of making a mistake in one’s memory. If the investigators can find any evidence, no matter how small or unreliable, that tends to contradict someone’s strained memory, a process crime will be brought. That’s why lawyers warn against talking to federal prosecutors.

The lack of any evidence has cooled the Russian collusion narrative. The allegations of a Russian hack of the DNC servers remains, but it’s now on life support due to at least two serious defections by bona fide left-wing Democrat organizations. It appears that what really happened was not a hack from the outside, but a leak from the inside.

Why would someone on the inside of the DNC leak something that would contradict the Russian narrative? I can think of two different but related explanations. First, left-wing groups have always loved the Communists in the old Soviet Union and still have tender concerns for Russia even though it’s now a nation controlled by the Russian Mafia. Leftists love powerful dictators like Putin, Castro, Kim Jong un and the Iranian Mullahs because they dream of someday wielding that sort of power themselves. It was incongruous from the beginning that they would blame Russia for their election defeat.

But there’s another possible reason right in front of our faces. It became clear during the Democrat primaries that the nomination was rigged against Bernie Sanders and in favor of Hillary Clinton. The Dems made rules which gave Hillary more electors in every state even when crazy Bernie won the popular vote. But crazy Bernie had fervent supporters within the ranks of the DNC. Those people are probably mad as hell at the way Bernie Sanders was treated.

Any Democrat organization will be run in a fashion that resembles the Mafia or any other racketeer influenced corrupt organization. They implement rules and procedures to keep people within the organization under control so that they don’t defect from the party line. They institute way to identify anyone who isn’t a true believer and punish them. It’s all done to keep everyone in line. That’s what you never find Democrats criticizing other Democrats, while Republican go on the attack against each other as a matter of routine.

So we would never expect to see two left-wing organizations such as The Nation magazine or the Salon website come out with any defection from the media narrative that supports what the DNC has promulgated. But that is exactly what has happened. It’s stunning.

Here are the stories that are claiming their was a leak from the DNC to make it appear that the Russians were colluding with Trump, and there was never a hack of the DNC servers by the Russians or anyone else.

From The Nation, the oldest far-left publication in America, A New Report Raises Questions About Last Year’s DNC Hack

From the very left-wing website, Salon: What if the DNC Russian “hack” was really a leak after all?

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