LGBT and the Masterpiece Cakeshop — The Anatomy of the Case (UPDATED!)

UPDATE: Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Jack Phillips of Masterpiece Cakeshop! It’s a 7-2 ruling! More later.

The gay duo who wanted Jack Phillips to make them a same-sax wedding cake has resulted in a struggle for Mr. Phillips to practice his religious beliefs while bothering no one. I say this because Phillips never refused to sell a cake to a gay people. He offered them several cakes they could decorate any way they wanted to. He would have sold them the items necessary to decorate their cake as a same sex wedding cake. He just wouldn’t do it for them.

They weren’t happy with that. They could have gone to any number of other cake shops that would have gladly made them a same-sex cake. They weren’t content to do that either. They wanted to get Jack Phillips, to make him heel to their demands.

They may have known, probably did, that the Masterpiece Cakeshop would not make them a same-sex cake because of its owner’s religious beliefs. So why did they choose that shop? Because it was not a cake they were interested in. They were not seeking a cake when they entered the Jack Philips’ Bakeshop. They were looking for a law suit. They wanted to put Jack Phillips in they think is his place. Beneath them.

They were out to destroy him.  They’ve pretty much done that. Even if the U.S. Supreme Court ultimately decides in his favor, I imagine Jack Phillips’ life will never be the same.

Why? Not because he hurt anyone. Not because he ever intended to hurt anyone. No, only because he refused to knuckle under to the social tyranny this gay couple sought to impose on him. What they are doing is not dissimilar from the false sense of honor of an inner-city youth gang or the Hell’s Angel Motorcycle gang or the Mafia or Jihadist terrorists or any other such groups who have an inflated sense of themselves to the point they will attack anyone who “disrespects” them.

They will take extreme umbrage at the slightest hesitancy of others to celebrate the pageantry of their lives.

There’s a name for what this looks like. It’s called “collective narcissism.” Psychologist Agnieszka Golec de Zavala explains what it is and how it works:

Research from my PrejudiceLab at Goldsmiths, University of London shows that people who score high on the collective narcissism scale are particularly sensitive to even the smallest offences to their group’s image. As opposed to individuals with narcissistic personality, who maintain inflated views of themselves, collective narcissists exaggerate offences to their group’s image, and respond to them aggressively. Collective narcissists believe that their group’s importance and worth are not sufficiently recognised by others. They feel that their group merits special treatment, and insist that it gets the recognition and respect it deserves. In other words, collective narcissism amounts to a belief in the exaggerated greatness of one’s group, and demands external validation.

Collective narcissists are not simply content to be members of a valuable group. They don’t devote their energy to contributing to the group’s betterment and value. Rather, they engage in monitoring whether everybody around, particularly other groups, recognise and acknowledge the great value and special worth of their group. To be sure, collective narcissists demand privileged treatment, not equal rights. And the need for continuous external validation of the group’s inflated image (a negative attribute) is what differentiates collective narcissists from those who simply hold positive feelings about their group.

Will the gay couple who want to destroy a man for refusing to celebrate them in the manner they insist be indulged in their narcissism by the rest of society? They already have been so treated by the courts in Colorado. It’s said they have a strong following of support in America. I guess we’ll find out in a few months if the U.S. Supreme Court has signed on to this madness when it issues its ruling. We’ll see then if religious freedom is dead or still alive in America.

[Some people think the case is about free speech. It’s not. It’s about freedom of religion. No one can think for a minute this case would have been brought against a Muslim cakeshop]

[Collective Narcissism could describe large parts of the Democrat party]

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