Letter to a young woman — inflicted true believer in man-made climate change

I was having an email discussion with a young woman about some furry critters in the wild we both like. She was disheartened by her belief they are “struggling with climate change.” I sensed she was referring to “man-made” climate change because while natural climate change is always present it operates so slowly even the long lifespan of humans is too short for detection.

Here is what I wrote back to her:

They’ve lived through a few million years of climate change so maybe they will be OK. Oh wait, you must mean “man-made” climate change! Don’t worry about that. It isn’t possible. It isn’t happening. Human’s don’t have that kind of power. It’s one the biggest hoaxes ever devised by one group of humans to deceive and control another group of humans. If you’re on board with the climate change hoax I guess you won’t like what I’ve said. Sorry for that.

I’ll just ask you consider one thing: 20,000 years ago most of Canada and what is now the American midwest was covered with a sheet of ice one-mile thick. Then the ice began to melt and over the next few thousand years it completely melted, forming the Great Lakes and the Mississippi river. It also flooded the land bridge from West Asia to Alaska which had allowed a great human migration into the American continents. It would be nonsense to believe that all that ice melted because of a few Inuits and their camp fires.

None of this can be attributed to human causation. Mother earth is completely capable of massive climate change on her own. Human beings are capable of believing whatever they choose to believe. The climate change hoax has caused a lot of unnecessary misery to people who believe it. It’s the  biggest scientific hoax since the Piltdown Man hoax. That one lasted from 1912 to 1953. I hope it doesn’t take as long as that one did before people come to their senses.

Mankind has a history of falling for hoaxes. A book was written about this in the 1840s, titled Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds.  Guess why I am able to give you a link to it. It’s because the book has remained in print since it was first published almost 180 years ago. The book stays relevant because it is so common for we humans to believe things that turn out to be nonsense. I think “man-made” climate change will go down in history and the longest and most destructive of hoaxes.

I doubt I’ve convinced you. I would like to be around to see this hoax revealed. I probably won’t be. I’m too old. But you’re young and it will be revealed in your lifetime. Even though I will likely be gone, you will live long enough to see that I’m right. Hope you remember me then.

Here is her reply:

You are correct.  You have not convinced me.   Scientists pretty much all agree at this point in time that climate change is human caused.  Some climate change is natural, but what we are experiencing is attributed to human caused greenhouse gases.  [What? I thought it was cow farting] Unfortunately, from the wildfires in Australia to the struggling populations of polar bears, wolverines, pikas and even extinctions, humans are to blame for our loss of diversity,  lack of clean air, lack of clean water.  We are responsible. [Amazing! Human-caused climate change is responsible for everything. There is nothing it can’t do!]


I think I know why some people get so much satisfaction out of that last sentence: “We  are responsible.” They have made their belief in man-made climate change a sort of religion. They’ve abandoned traditional religion for this dogmatic flapdoodle. The motive of the “scientists” is not the same however. I’ll write about that soon.

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