Letter from 500 scientists

A letter on climate change from 500 scientists:

Below is an open letter from more than 500 scientists urging the United Nations to have an open debate on climate change from all sides of the climate change debate. They state there is no climate emergency.

This letter will be completely ignored by the media and all those who have made anthropogenic climate change into a sacrament of a new pagan religion. There is no reason fro us to ignore it because this amazing letter from so many actual scientists reinforces what we already know to be true — earth’s climate is extremely complex, it is impacted by many things we do not yet understand, it has been changing throughout earth’s 4.6 billion-year history, and will continue to change in the future. We understand these complex processes to a large degree but not yet well enough to accurately predict what climate will be in the future. We do know two things for sure: We aren’t the driving cause, we cannot shape the climate future, nor can we stop it.

There is no reason to fear the climate future no matter what it may be.


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