Let’s Go To Mars!

Oh, wait. Houston, we have problem. How will we stay alive on Mars, a planet that has not one thing we need to stay alive.

Average temperature on Mars is minus 81 degrees F. Atmosphere is 95% carbon monoxide. Not a scintilla of oxygen, without which humans die in 4 minutes.

Even if we can figure out a way to take oxygen with us, the slightest malfunction Would wipe out everyone if the problem isn’t fixed within 4 minutes.

Earth gravity is 2.66 times that of Mars, which gravity is .375 that on earth. This means you can probably jump 10 feet high on Mars. It also means that your muscles will slowly adjust to Mars gravity, so if you stay more than a few weeks your return to earth will likely result in your inability to stand up or walk.

Here’s another way to think about that. If you can dead lift 100 pounds on earth, you will be able to dead lift 300 pounds on Mars. Whoopee! Oh wait. Houston we have a problem. After a long stay on Mars our return to earth will be a disaster. I don’t think humans will be going to Mars anytime soon, at least not with the lifetime of anyone alive today, or born within the next 1,000 years at best. It depends on whether we can cause Mars to form an atmosphere, as earth did several million years ago. Yeah Houston, we have a problem, a really big one.

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