Lesson learned from Brexit win — there will always be an England

Brexit winning in yesterday’s vote is a grand good thing because, for once, the people who deserved to win won and the people who so richly deserved to lose lost.

Roger Simon:

In a surprise, Leave won the Brexit referendum on whether to stay in the European Union by an equally surprising amount. British sovereignty won. David Cameron lost. Jeremy Corbyn lost. The EU lost. Bureaucrats lost. Angela Merkel lost. Barack Obama lost. Globalism lost. Authority figures almost everywhere lost. And, most of all, unlimited immigration lost.

UPDATE: David Camereon resigned this morning. Barack…?

Maybe in time to come Americans can once again regain affinity and pride with their mother country.  Maybe the British people will succed in making Britain great again. If so, the whole world should celebrate. This vote vindicated Margaret Thatcher who when asked if it would be a good idea for Great Britain to join the European Union, gave a simple answer: “No, no, no, no, and no!”

Winston Churchill, wherever he may be, is smiling this morning.

The British betting market that everyone thought was invariably correct predicted an 80 percent Remain victory. I guess betting markets are almost always correct, except when they miss it by a mile.  All the recent polls that were so sure Remain would win big also laid an egg.

In Britain and in Europe the pound and the Euro are sinking to record lows and markets around the world are down by a lot this morning. The U.S. Dow was down allmost 400 when I looked. It was up almost 300 yesterday anticipating a win for Remain.  All this proves is that financial markets are not so much about finance or economic growth when they can be overtaken by social psychology.  This is all temporary, no one should panic. What’s happening in the financial markets right now will prove beneficial in due time. The markets are giving us a buying opportunity.

Lots of prominent public figures in America, Britain and Europe have been and will continue to make fools of themselves with their anti-Brexit rants.

Roger Simon again:

This vote is of immense help to Donald Trump if he is smart enough to seize it properly and doesn’t bobble the ball. Many, probably most, Americans feel exactly the same as their brothers and sisters across the pond. They despise the same elites and want to save their country. Trump, now fortuitously in Scotland (I know—they voted Remain, but not in the numbers they were supposed to), should show his support. The  UK is America’s closest ally.  We should be the first to extend a hand, negotiate free trade, etc., and get her rolling again.

That most elite of presidents, Barack Obama, who opened his morally narcissistic mouth supporting the Remain side and warning the British people, as he is wont to do, that there would be “consequences” if they voted to leave the EU, is in no position to do anything, even if he wanted to.  And he doesn’t.

Hillary Clinton is so elitist she practically defines the term. She was probably up all night figuring out what to do about the situation. I have a suggestion—move to Brussels.

What a poignant proposal for our American so-called elite. Move to Brussels. Be happy among your own kind, and leave us alone. If they did this it would be like when the Oakies left Oklahoma for California, and Will Rogers said they had thereby improved the culture of both states. Well, I dunno. I don’t see Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton being good for the well being of any place they ever inhabit. But I’d be glad to let Brussels have them.


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