Legislation for the protection of criminals

That’s what the wizards of smart in California are doing. They want to make California into a “sanctuary state.” They’re getting some heap big kick back from law enforcement communities. It’s no wonder that cops are keen on keeping criminal illegal aliens in their state. The citizen criminals in the Golden State are already multiplying faster than law enforcement can keep up.

The cops point out that their duty is to protect the good citizens of California. Coddling criminal aliens will come at the expense of those they are committed to protect. “Well, duh,” as those of us from the 1970’s generation use to say. That was a dig at someone who said something obvious, said it as though it were a revelation when it was plain to everyone with the ability to think clearly. Here it’s aimed not at the cops but at the foggy-brained politicians who actually have to be told something any ordinary bloke of average intelligence would know right away.

Republican California Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham seems to be a genius in the game of morons at the Capitol in Sacramento: “This bill would protect criminals from deportation at the expense of law-abiding residents, and people in our community deserve to have their public safety put first,” Cunningham said.

Something called the “Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity” is apparently one of the masters of morons for they  held a prayer session in Governor Moonbeams’s office Tuesday urging him to approve the bill. Leslie Takahashi, a minister with the Unitarian Universalist Church, said she was worried about what those nasty Republicans are doing. “What we see going on is an effort to reduce the effectiveness and the statement that we are trying to make,” she said. Takahashi may have accidentally spoken some truth. This is all about liberals “making a statement.” It’s grandstanding and self aggrandizement for liberals. To hell with what it does to the good citizens of California merely trying to live a peaceful life without undue fear of criminal predation.

Liberals do what they always do when they want to cover up the true natures of their awful ideas. They try to cloak themselves in the grab of reason and compassion. They shouldn’t be allowed to get away with that because invariably their vacuous notions of what is good, true and beautiful turns out to be just another round of liberal huffing and puffing without regard to the consequences.

In this case, Cynthia Buiza, executive director of the California Immigrant Policy Center, accused law enforcement officials of trying to “bully” Governor Moonbeam. Ah, yes, any disagreement with liberal orthodoxy automatically makes you a bully.

Buiza continued: “Gov. Brown must resist the sheriff’s onslaught and champion SB 54 [the proposal to pamper criminal aliens] in its most visionary form. We cannot use California’s resources to help the Trump administration deport millions of people who are a vital part of our communities.”

Oh, my.


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