Left-wing journalist tries to show how easy it is to buy an AR-15 — fails miserably

Lefty Chicago Sun-Tmes columnist Neil Steinberg sets out to show how ridiculousy easy it is to buy and AR-15 rifle, which he pejoratively calls an “assault rifle,” and guess what? He was refused the purchase because he failed the background check! Seems he has an admitted history of alcohol abuse and a charge of domestic battery against his wife. So sorry Mr. know-it-all, you can’t have this gun. You failed the background check. You are prohibited under Federal law to possess a firearm. Ha!

Steinberg is the guy who falsey claims that 40% of gun sales are made with no background check.

Full story of Steinberg’s reality check here.

There’s more to this story. Steinberg’s failure to pass the background check is because he is “prohibited person” under Federal Law. 18 USC Sec. 922 says it’s illegal for Steinberg to “possess” a firearm. That isn’t just owning a gun, it means he cannpt legally shoot a gun or even touch a gun. He says in his story that has shot guns and thinks its fun. Well, Mr Steinberg, when you shot guns and thought it was fun you were committing a Federal felony.  Didn’t stop you did it. But now that you’ve told your story you probably ought to be a little more careful next time you decide to go shooting. Your outing might not end well. Somebody might tip off an ATF agent needing some busts for his career advancement.

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