Left wing journalists are the real extremists

You may think the media bias against conservatives and Republicans that CNBC put on parade at the debate last Wednesday was about as bad as it gets, but new extremes are being reached all the time.

Media Bias Goes Extreme.The national and local media bias against the Second Amendment reached bizarre heights this week when a newspaper headline proclaimed “Shooter kills 4; 30 injured.” The problem? Well, even a casual reader would note that the tragedy described in the article had nothing to do with a “shooter” but was about a individual who drove her car through a homecoming parade at Oklahoma State University. While the motives of the driver’s actions remain unclear, we find it simply incredible that a headline could be so abundantly off the mark.

The newspaper responsible for the amazing disconnect between reality and reporting – The Traverse City Record Eagle – cited “page designer error” as the cause. Page designer error? Really?

As we have reported here, here, and here, the mainstream media continues to showcase an abundance of talent when it comes to incorporating an anti-gun bias in reporting the “news.” There is little doubt that such bias is a primary reason that trust in the media continues to diminish. While this bias routinely shows up in local and national news coverage in all manner of form, missing the distinction between shooting a firearm and driving a car is a new one on us.

Hatred distorts their perception and excuses their stupidity, or so they might think.

The woman who drove her car into a crowd on the campus of Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, OK was first thought to be a drunk driver. Her names is Adacia Chambers, age 25.  She has since been charged with murder and now she claims she was trying to kill herself. Perhaps she thinks that will get her sympathy but what it will really get her is convicted as charged. If it was a suicide attempt that pretty much establishes that she acted intentionally, the necessary state of mind to sustain a murder charge. Murder is a malice crime, the act of a malignant heart.

Among the dead is a 2-year old child.

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